The Cerberus Den hosts Disney Lorcana in store multiple days a week. Casual play and competitive constructed is offered at our store. Throughout the year we do large events of multiple games at the Fort Thomas Mess Hall.

Lorcana Ursula's Return Midnight Release Event

May 16th 11:30pm

The Sea Witch has returned and of course she would come in the dead of the night! Join us for a Midnight Release party for the new Lorcana set Ursula's Return. We plan to stay open on Thursday night instead of closing at our normal hours. Below is what to expect from our FREE event:

Lorcana "Win a Case" Event

May 19th 10am

Sign up here:

(60 minimum, up to x4 of each, no more than 2 colors)


1st Place: 1 Case (4 boxes) of Ursula's Return

2nd Place: 2 Boxes of Ursula's Return

3rd & 4th Place: 12 Packs of Ursula's Return

5th - 8th Place: 6 Packs of Ursula's Return 

You will need a free account in order to register. 

Lorcana Sealed Starter Event

May 17th 6pm

Sign up here:

Entry Fee: $20

Each player receives 1 random sealed starter deck.

Players may us the contents of the included booster pack for deck construction

x3 50 minute Rounds (Best of 2/3) 

Prizes based on record, based on attendance.

You will need a free account in order to register. 

Casual Lorcana Play 

When: Every Wednesday from 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Where: Cerberus Den Fort Thomas KY

Entry Fee: FREE

Description: Players participating in our organized play will receive stickers for different tasks, at the end of each month players with the most stickers get exclusive promo prizes.

Competitive Constructed Lorcana

When: Every Saturday from 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Where: Cerberus Den Fort Thomas, KY

Entry Fee: $5

Store Credit rewarded to top players