Strategy gaming is an after school program designed for gamers of the ages 10-17 to have a safe place to play games, socialize, and learn new skills. The club has a yearly membership of $25. Below are the perks of being apart of the club:

SGC Meeting

Price: Free with Membership

Day: Announced on Monthly Calendar (Theme will be included)

Program:  Weekly Meeting focusing on a new game/product/interest.

SGC Meetings work as a Learn to Play along with social engagement.

Open Gaming 

Price: $25 Monthly (in addition to yearly membership)

Days: M-F

Times: Monday - Thursday 3pm - 9pm & Friday 3pm - 5pm

Program: Grants members use of TV/gaming area, board games, etc

SGC DnD Night 

Price: $15 (in addition to yearly membership)

Day: Announced on Monthly Calendar (Two times a month)

Time: 5pm-8pm

Program: DM providing a “SGC” Themed Legends of the Den experience.  Includes pizza & drink.

SGC Tournaments

Price: TBD (dependent on Tournament/Prize Etc)

Day: Announced on Monthly Calendar

Program: SGC members sign to compete for the number 1 Title and a Prize (TBD).

*Food provided by Padrino Fort Thomas

Players playing Dungeons and Dragons must be 10 or older.

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

For more information about the Strategy Gaming Club and a link to our standard waiver please Click Here.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an event, email us at or call 859-962-7565.