D&D 5e

Character Creation Rules:

Players may create their characters using majority of the races or classes found in published Dungeons and Dragons 5e books.  You may not include rules within the following books because they do not fit thematically in our high fantasy world:

No Legacy versions of Races

Spelljammer: Adventure's in Space

Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft

They may also choose any of the Legends of the Den exclusive races or classes.

Character Creation Rules:

One-Shot games held at the Cerberus Den at level 5 games. If you are looking to progress in an ongoing story, check our Discord to join one of our Ongoing Campaigns.

The Greek pantheon is very present in this world and some demand their worship. To add more flavor to your character the following digital book, Gods of Olympus - Piety Mechanics for the Greek Pantheon, by J. J. Crowley is also available as an option for character creation. If you would like to support a small writer, check this link:


Homebrew Rule Changes:

Potions Use - As a bonus action, you may consume a single-use potion. This overrides the standard rule of drinking a potion being a standard action.

Magic Items:

During your journey, players will acquire magic items. To help keep things balanced, we have a point system in place. Each player can only use a certain amount of magic items based on their level (A level 5 character can use up to 5 points worth of magic items). Each different rarity of magic items cost a different amount of points. This does not affect the attunement rules in D&D, that still applies like normal.

Rarity Cost

Uncommon     2

Rare     4

Very Rare     8

Legendary   12