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Legends of the Den is an open-world-style campaign exclusive to the Cerberus Den game store. You can explore the world as you please and every decision you make becomes a part of the official story.

Our goal is to tell one-shot stories that take place in a shared world and summaries of the adventures will be recorded on our site for everyone to enjoy.

Every time you participate in an event at the store you earn a stamp. Earning different amounts of stamps unlocks the ability to play characters at a higher level. All the treasure you earn is shared between all of your characters.

The Cerberus Den is a tavern that exists in all planes of existence. For example, people can walk into the Den from Baldur's Gate and exit into Middle Earth. This allows players to complete quests wherever they like while still having a consistent central location to come back to.


Q: What is a West Marches campaign?

A: In a West March campaign, there is no linear storyline or specific group of players/DMs. This allows the players to discover the world as they want without being worried about being left behind or the story going "off the rails." Players will play with different people in the shared world so, if someone can't make it, no one is being held back.

Q: Do I have to play with the new exclusive content?

A: No, you can play whatever class/race you like as long as it was published in an official book.

Q: Will my adventures be posted in a supplement book or digital content?

A: The Cerberus Den will not publish any content created by someone else without their permission. No one person or entity owns the shared world we are building. This is intended to be a community-built world. The website is always intended to be free for everyone who would like to play with us.

Q: Can I run an ongoing game in this world or is it only one-shots?

A: The Cerberus Den will ensure we always have one-shots ready to be played every week. If there is a group that would like to run an ongoing campaign that is fine, but we do ask the games set in the world are open to the public.

Q: If my current level range is 1-3 and there is a level 8 game can I not play?

A: You are welcome to play at that table, but you would not be able to keep any of the gold/items for playing in the game and your character's lore would not be added to the Legends of the Den lore.

Q: If my current level range is 8-9 and I want to play in a level 3 game, is that ok?

A: You would need to play a character that is level 3 to ensure the gameplay is balanced. You may use the gold/items you earned playing at higher levels if the DM approves.